Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 2010

Swan Update.....

We are 25 weeks down with bubs 2 on the way and Marcus loves to listen to the heart beat when we visit the midwife. All is going well, in fact couldn't go better if we wanted it to. Fingers crossed it stays this way and we welcome a delightful wee boy into the family around the 23rd August.

Bubs room is ready and looking fantastic (well in my opinion :) and is a jungle theme. I'll get some good photos and put them up when our camera is fixed.

Marcus has come on leaps and bounds. He has so many words now I can't possibly list them all. He is speaking some sentences and follows most instructions well. He has decided that his slippers and gumboots are evil! The performance over wearing these is crazy so we have lovely new gumboots and slippers that are apparently only for dolly to wear! This term Marcus started Gymnastics. Aunty Hayley takes him every Friday and Marcus is a natural. He loves the trampoline (the long tumble one) and balance beam (preschool size beam). It's a great bonding opportunity for Marcus & his Aunty too, not to mention a break for Mummy.

Graeme went to China a few weeks ago, a fantastic experience for him, I'll let him write more later but poor Marcus suffered. He was distraught without his Daddy and didn't sleep a full night the entire time he was gone. We had lots of tears over Daddy photos and a total melt down when he saw a video of Daddy. I guess you could say that the Father Son bond is VERY VERY strong :) Note to self: no more oversears trips for Daddy that we don't go on :)

Better dash,

Love to all
Nicola, Graeme, Marcus & Bump

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