Friday, December 4, 2009

Marcus meets his buddy Baby Emily

Matakana - Orewa Holiday

Marcus just loved the animals. He was happy to have his hand licked, feed them and try and catch them.

yum yum, refueling after a morning at the park

Marcus & Seb had a great time exploring at the park.

Fluffy time

Mummy & Sarah went to a cafe (surprise, surprise :) )and I enjoyed my fluffy. You should have seen the table and floor by the time I had finished though!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Marcus being Marcus

My First Birthday Birthday

2 Months and no posts.....SORRY!!!

OK, so we really are so slack! I am really sorry.
As there are so many photos I am going to upload them in bulk so them may not have captions.

Marcus was 1 on October 1. We had a fab day, especially with the surprise visit from Uncle Paul & Auntie April. Thanks guys xxx

I have had Grometts in bboth ears and can ow hear properly. I am saying heaps of words now, especiall "stop" and "no". (Hmm should these really be first words?)
I can also say "uck" for duck and make my own version of quacking. It's so cute! :)

I can walk while holding onto one finger on with Mum or Dad. I ahve mastered going backwards down steps & ledges and my fav. place to play is outside. Mum opens the door and lets me explore all on my own (she can see me) but I don't like Mum hovering over me. Little Mr independent.

I now have a molar plus another one almost there, that's a grand total of 9 nearly 10 teeth.

Mum will write more later, she better get onto uploading all my photos!

Love to you all

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sorry guys,

I know it has been ages since I posted photos and updates. We have been rather busy and continue to be busy for the next wee while, with Cathy's Wedding on Friday (Yipee), for those of you wondering Cathy is Graeme's sister, and then a move to a house that gets all day sun and has an awesome garden, at least it will be awesome once I have finished with it :) as well as Marcus's 1st birthday!

Almost 1, where has the year gone????

So where is Marcus at......... Here is what he has achieved over the last few months
* Crawling
* clicking his tongue
* His version of winking (involved both eyes)
* Channel changing on the T.V (Oh so frustrating when you are watching something)
* Numerous sounds
*Waving bye bye
* High 5's
*Monkey walking (crawling that is on his hands & feet)
*Opening drawers and jamming his fingers
*Opening kitchen cupboards and emptying the contents on the floor
* Moving to only 2 bottles a day

Hmmm..... there is probably more but at this time of night I'm a bit of a nanna and need my sleep so an't think straight.

I'll update again next week.

Oh just remembered, Marcus is up to 9 ear infections so is getting Grommets at the end of October. Poor wee lad.

Love to all
Nicola, Graeme & Marcus xxx

Me & my Mum

"Up Poppa, Up" Marcus on a visit with Poppa to Great Poppas house

The 'Freeman' tongue

In the Wellington sun

I like my bear outfit

At Nana's school

Mum took me for a visit to Nana's school. I loved all the kids, they even sung me 2 songs.