Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daddy Day

It's an overcast Wgtn Saturday morning and Marcus had Daddy have gone to Percey's Reserve for a lovely walk and picnic. I believe there will be duck feeding and a waterfall so it should be a good morning all round. Our camera is broken, it has been sent to Auckland but it's not looking good that it can be fixed so there will be no photos for some time.

Mummy.... well I was going to do some paintings to sell on trademe but instead I am about to clean the house.

For those who are interested if you go to you can see some of my art works for kids. My name... ARTola. I think I'll have to paint another fire truck as Marcus has really taken to this so it may end up on his wall this weekend. Works in progress at the moment are a frog, a car and a bumble bee.

Marcus's new word thismorning........."oh shit" hmmmm I think I might be to blame for this one. I'm hoping the tactic of ignoring it will bring it to a grinding holt! Fingers crossed.

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Urquhart's said...

hahahahhahahaha!!!!! funny Sebby learnt shit when I was pregnant too!