Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm 9 months already!!!!

Sorry it's been a while since our last update, but I'm sure you can all appreciate how busy we get :)

Marcus has grown so fast!! He was 9 months on the 1st July, only 3 months until his birthday!! Where has the time gone??

Everyday his personality is developing and shining through. Marcus is placid, friendly and always with a smile on his face. If he gets upset (like when toys get packed away) it never last long. 8 teeth have made the appearance and I think another one is wriggling around in the gum.

I have been looking after another 2 children twice a week. Ethan (one month older than Marcus, and Alex 2yrs). Marcus loves the social interaction and spends most of his day trying to get Alex's Dolly. She is usually heard saying "No Marcus, No Marcus Alex's dolly" to which Marcus laughs and takes it anyway. So yes...... Nana bought Marcus a dolly this week. It is a blue one so we are calling him Robbity Bob (named by Nana). Thanks Nana, isn't it great to see no gender discrimination going on :)

Crawling........ well afer 3 months of rocking on his hands and knees, the art of crawling has still not been mastered. The art of pushing, wriggling and rolling everywhere has and there is no stopping him! Who knows if crawling will happen, Marcus seems to enjoy standing and is very steady on his feet.

Highlights of his day are bath time and going in the swing at the park.

Just this week Marcus has discovered his growling voice, it is so funny and it seems to be his new way of communicating to almost everyone :)

We took Marcus for a bush walk last weekend. Poor Dad had to carry him in the backpac, all 11.5kg of him!! Marcus loved the walk and especially enjoyed pulling leaves off the trees.

That's it for now, keep warm everyone

Love to you all
Nicola, Graeme & Marucs xxx