Monday, November 9, 2009

2 Months and no posts.....SORRY!!!

OK, so we really are so slack! I am really sorry.
As there are so many photos I am going to upload them in bulk so them may not have captions.

Marcus was 1 on October 1. We had a fab day, especially with the surprise visit from Uncle Paul & Auntie April. Thanks guys xxx

I have had Grometts in bboth ears and can ow hear properly. I am saying heaps of words now, especiall "stop" and "no". (Hmm should these really be first words?)
I can also say "uck" for duck and make my own version of quacking. It's so cute! :)

I can walk while holding onto one finger on with Mum or Dad. I ahve mastered going backwards down steps & ledges and my fav. place to play is outside. Mum opens the door and lets me explore all on my own (she can see me) but I don't like Mum hovering over me. Little Mr independent.

I now have a molar plus another one almost there, that's a grand total of 9 nearly 10 teeth.

Mum will write more later, she better get onto uploading all my photos!

Love to you all

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