Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sorry guys,

I know it has been ages since I posted photos and updates. We have been rather busy and continue to be busy for the next wee while, with Cathy's Wedding on Friday (Yipee), for those of you wondering Cathy is Graeme's sister, and then a move to a house that gets all day sun and has an awesome garden, at least it will be awesome once I have finished with it :) as well as Marcus's 1st birthday!

Almost 1, where has the year gone????

So where is Marcus at......... Here is what he has achieved over the last few months
* Crawling
* clicking his tongue
* His version of winking (involved both eyes)
* Channel changing on the T.V (Oh so frustrating when you are watching something)
* Numerous sounds
*Waving bye bye
* High 5's
*Monkey walking (crawling that is on his hands & feet)
*Opening drawers and jamming his fingers
*Opening kitchen cupboards and emptying the contents on the floor
* Moving to only 2 bottles a day

Hmmm..... there is probably more but at this time of night I'm a bit of a nanna and need my sleep so an't think straight.

I'll update again next week.

Oh just remembered, Marcus is up to 9 ear infections so is getting Grommets at the end of October. Poor wee lad.

Love to all
Nicola, Graeme & Marcus xxx

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