Friday, March 27, 2009


Well can you believe that next week I will be 6 months!! I am very happy and full of smiles and giggles. Everywhere I go Mum get's stopped while people admire my hair, do you rekon I will like it when I'm older?? (Mum thinks not).

We have moved house, we are now 2 doors up the drive. It has a brand new bathroom, and new carpet, so Mum is very pleased. Sadly it does not get much sun in the lounge so we have to go out a lot so that I get real daylight but hey, that means no being lazy at home :)

I love standing, my legs are very strong and I'm pretty good on my tummy now. I still haven't managed to work out how to get my tummy off the floor so I can crawl but I am getting there.

I'm on solids now, I have tried and like Pumpkin, carrot, kumera and I eat but pull very funny faces with pear. Last night I was at my Gran & Poppas visiting Jill who came up from Christchurch. She had rockmelon so I tried some. I loved sucking on that, but guess what........ my eczema is really bad today. I guess that comes off the menu now (not that Mum & Dad were planing on putting it on the menu!).

In a few weeks I'm going on my first plane ride to Auckland. Lachlan (was Daddy's bestman) and Kate (was Mummy's bridesmaid) are getting married!!! Yipee. My first wedding. Mummy's friend Sarah lives in Auckland so she has very kindly offered to look after me as I don't know if I can behave for all that long yet :) It also means I get to meet Seb for the first time :)

I have had 2 playcentre visits and guess what, I'm a social butterfly! My eyes light up as soon as we walk through the door! I can't wait for term 4 when I'm enrolled. Mean Mum won't let me go before then because I'm not crawling and she decided that it was not worth it. Oh well something to look forward to later in the year.

I'm also starting swimming. Don't worry no one's teaching me how to swim, just giving me water confidence. Daddy is going to take me on a Saturday, I can't wait for that to start :) Then my Poppa can take me swimming in the weekends like he used to do with Mummy when she was little. I love having a bath so Mummy and Daddy think I will like the swimming pool. It's just the getting dressed afterwards that I'm not looking forward to coz you get so cold!

My teeth have been hurting :( Sometimes my checks are so red and hot. I have a special necklace now, it's a Amber Teething necklace and it is magical. My pain and red cheecks have gone. If anyone one else has sore teeth you should get one! They even make them for adults!

Aunty April & Uncle Paul, it is 6 months until I turn 1..................this is a very advanced invitation for you, I would really like a cuddle in person :) Pleeeeeeeeease :) (I know mean ha, but if you do managed to find super cheap air fares we would really love to see you)

Love to you all

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