Friday, March 6, 2009

March Update.....

Well, it's been a while since I have written about Marcus. As most of you will know we are shifting house. A short move 2 doors up the drive to number 11. We sold our place - Yipee so the work of packing boxes etc has been going on which is never fun without a child, it's even worse with a child!! BUT we will get there and tomorrow is the big shift.

Marcus has had 2 more ear infections :( and we discovered he is allergic to the antibiotivcs they gave him so we are another trip to hospital. He is all smiles now and doing very very well indeed.
Marcus has mastered rolling to the left, he can sit for short periods on his own and just LOVES standing. We have one very strong wee boy.

Marcus is 9.67kg, 10 days ago he was 9.87kg so he has lost some weight, but that is what we wanted (the ped at the hospital wanted him to be 5kg!!! Hmmm I think not!)

The plunket charts have Marcus in the 97th percentile for weight, height and head, so we have produced a rather large boy but he is a very social and happy boy.

On MOnday's Marcus attends Music and has taken a liking to the guitar. I think one of us here might need to start learning so we can play it to him :) Uncle Paul we need you here :)

Night time seems to be the time for LOTS & LOTS & LOTS babbling. Marcus is not a quiet boy at home, he babbles non-stop, he must take after his daddy :)

Well there are still boxes to pack and a boy who would like some attention so I better dash, but I will try to add photos weekly from now on.

Love to all

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