Friday, December 12, 2008

Swan Update......

Well as most of you know I have been one very unhappy boy. Lot & Lots & Lots of crying and screaming and being generally grumpy and in pain, BUT..........................Mummy booked me in at the doctors again (I seem to go every week, sometimes more than once) and Daddy took me. He got cross with the doctors who finally listened (afer he told them you never question a Mothers instinct)and I am now off formula with dairy in it. Yes I am on Soy formula and WOW!!!!! I am such a happy boy, I love to play under my play gym, I smile heaps and go to sleep without much of a fuss. I no longer have a sore tummy, I just feel so good :)

What a relief for Mummy & Daddy.

I do have to have lots of cream on my skin now and it gets added to my baths as my skin is a little sensitive and looks very red at the moment, but the cream means I get a massage 4 times a day!! (Hmmmm, do I want it to get better??? I Loooove all these massages I'm getting).

Today I went to Emma's place with Mummy, I slept through most of it. Wow Emma is babbling heaps, I have some catching up to do :)

Tomorrow I am going to Mummy's work xmas picnic and on Sunday I am going to Coffee groups xmas BBQ, so I have a busy weekend. Then, guess what everyone it's nearly Xmas!

Oh I get to see the specialist before Xmas for my Hernia, so fingers crossed everyone, I might be completly health in no time at all. Yipee :)

Lots of Love to you all (& some dribble)
Marcus xxxx

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