Monday, December 1, 2008

Good morning everyone,

This morning Mummy played with the camera, don't you think I look handsome :)

Over the weekend Mummy & Daddy discovered I probably have silent reflux, finally they work out why I scream! I don't actually vomit very often but it comes up my wee throat and I swollow it, boy does it hurt. Now they add infant gaviscon to my bottles and problem fixed. Yipee.

I have decided to give them another challenge though, that is sleeping. Yep, I have decided that sleeping is meant to be hard and therefore I will grizzle, then cry and then scream until one of them comes in an picks me up. After about 5 minutes I settle and they put me back to bed (Grrr) so I wait a few minutes to trick them into thinking I'm asleep before starting the process again. Mummy & Daddy are not impressed with me and sometimes poor mummy gets very upset. Eventually I am so exausted from playing this game that I fall asleep. I think over the next few days I might get bored of this game and just go to sleep when I am meant to.

I have started to smile a lot more now and every now and then I make a gurgle/babble noise. It won't be long before I make lots of interesting noises.

This afternoon Mummy is taking me for a long walk, Frank Kits Park to the light house around the bays and back again.

I'm alseep now, I played my game for 45 minutes this morning. Mummy is now sorting my clothes as I have grown again. I am now wearing 3mth - 6mth clothing and some of the 3 mth clothes are too small. Poor Mummy & Daddy just can't keep up with me, I think my drawers will be empty again until they get me clothes that fit! Hopefully it's a hot summer and I can just live in my Nappy :)

Love to everyone Marcus xxx

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