Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oops, last ohotos of Oliver were at 7 weeks! He's now 6 months!!

Sorry everyone, I will now upload a heap of photos. Oliver has grown HEAPS, he is now 6 months old and has 4 teeth! He is commando crawling EVERY where and very much enjoying his 3 meals a day. Oliver was early to food, he started on solids at a little over 4 months and enjoys most vegetables except green ones. It appears that he has Dariy allergy so sadly for him we have to go down the allergy testing road as his big brither did. Fingers crossed he is not as sever as Marcus though. Oliver is a HUGE babbler at home, but very quiet verging on silent when we go out. He is our shy wee boy, who we love dearly.

Marcus is doing amazing well. He has huge vocab and has full conversations with you about so many things. Recently he told me "open your mouth Mummy, oh look your throat. You go yum, yum yum, swallow your food and down 'sophogas' into tummy and uh oh, out your bottom"!!!!
More recently he made sense of how Aunty Cathy had baby Harvey by saying "cathy eat Harvey down to her tummy and out her bottom, that's why baby not in her tummy anymore"! Hmm, think we will just leave that conversation there until he's A LOT older!

Marcus has been going to Khandallah Creche and loves it. He is thriving on the social interaction and behaves as if he has been there forever. No tears, not even on day 1!

Oliver LOVES the swimming pool and is very much a water baby. He also enjoys the bath and shower, anything involving water and splashing is right up is alley.

We are now at that stage of putting Marcus onto Kindy waitlists. We had a successful visit to Paparangi Kindy, but have since decided that next year we will more a little further north to Aotea. This afternoon we have a visit to Paramata Kindy where I have been told he will get in soon after his 3rd birthday. Yipee, I know he will just love kindy.

Work is going well, I am teaching 3 days a week at Mana Early Learning Centre. It is hard leaving the boys but they are thriving under the care of their Nana. Graeme is busy as ever at work, he shifted building earlier in the year and is now in Chews Lane, in the middle of town.

I hope you all enjoy the photos, I can't promise, but will try to update a little more regularly!

Love to all
Nicola, Graeme, Marcus & Oliver xoxo

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