Friday, November 21, 2008

I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you to everyone who has given me some wonderful gifts. Mummy will get around to sending out thank you cards but please give her some time. I have grown up so fast I am nearly 2 months old!!! I can hold my head up, sometimes smile and I love having a bath in the big bath with Daddy.

Already I have had two ear infections and a virus at the same time! After a few very horrible days and lots and lots of cuddles with Mummy & Daddy I am all better. I am nearly 6kg and wearing clothes for 3month olds.

I love to go for a walk in the buggy, especially with my friend Emma who lives up the road. Mummy is hoping Emma might teach me how to sleep, she sleeps all night! I think my Mummy still needs to experience broken sleep so I'll continue to have my bottle at midnight, 4am and 6am. I have been kind enough to stop my 2am bottle though.

For the next couple of weeks I won't be going out much as Mummy & Daddy are trying hard to let me get into my routine. If they take me out & about all the time then I just get confused.

Next week I'm having my injections. I couldn't have them when I was 6 weeks because I was sick.

Guess what, Mummy put me to bed half an hour ago and i'm asleep without any crying. Yippee.

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Urquhart's said...

Great Idea to take it easy for a couple of weeks, especially with injections they always seemed to throw me off my rountine a bit, poor mummy didn't like it either! I think all these big people forget how much we need to just sleep and be left to do our growing!

Looks like you have a pretty awesome mummy and Daddy!!

P.s those baby legs you were rocking are my favourite, Mummy always makes me where those ones!